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Confidential, Professional Counseling

If this is your first time considering therapy, or you've seen other counselors but never quite found what you were looking for, I hope my passion, enthusiasm and expertise will assist you in finding joy and healing in your life and relationships.

You have to trust your therapist to find healing in therapy. My clients find relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma and grief, while restoring clarity and positive self esteem.  I believe everyone has a unique story, deserves to be heard and to feel better. I truly enjoy every hour I spend with my clients. 

My interests include working with adult adoptees, people who were donor conceived, NPE’s, navigating reunion; people suffering from grief and loss; people who feel lost and alone; people struggling with life transitions; and survivors of abuse, neglect and trauma. I enjoy working with adults of all ages, cultures, races, spiritualities, sexual orientations and gender identities. 

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